Monday, May 21, 2007

T-Shirt Design Forthcoming.

It really, really is.

It has to be right and it has to get you odd stares from your fellow hu-mons. Likely the first design will be Vexxarr himself. It will feature the URL. And it will have a pithy phrase from which you may draw uncommon wisdom. This I decree! So keep pummeling me with ideas, opinions and insults and I'll announce - this week perhaps - the first order block. Shirts will then ship after I have twenty orders. And then your loved ones will be returned to you unharmed - I promise.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I have spoken to people. We have compared numbers. We have reached an agreement. There remains only one question: will my minions BUY these T-Shirts?

I can tell you this much: They will be black. They will be two color, high quality silk screen. They will cost $20 plus shipping.

Tell me how this makes you feel. Moreover, tell me how many of you will buy one. The deal I have made will open an order on the first purchase and when I have orders for 20 shirts - the shirts will then ship. So I need to get orders in blocks of twenty to move forward to fulfillment. Get me?

Assume that the first one will feature Vexxarr. Beyond that, I will have to post a design. Expect one by Monday. Until then, mosey on over to the forum and speak your mind!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Destiny, Irony, Confectionery

Those of you familiar with Vexxarr should know by now that I do not consider myself an artist. I am a writer. I do not say this out of some misplaced sense of pride. I do a lot of things to pay the rent. I shoot and direct video. I edit. I build rapid prototypes of consumer goods. I build castles for no other reason than to detonate them using highly illegal explosives.

But what I do, that is what I actually have a gift for, turns out to be writing. Sure I have a facile grasp of my native tongue. I know how to write a complete sentence. I grok the clause. I can avoid fragments and even use them to underscore a point. I know what a paragraph is actually supposed to contain. And I have a pronounced spelling deficiency - a requisite quality in all great writers.

All of this is...fine.

What makes me a writer is the opportunity, desire and ability to shape precise, complete thoughts with the written word and convey those thoughts accurately to another, detached individual. That makes someone a writer no matter how else they may be able to put food on the table. In my case, it helps that I have on occasion been paid to place words on a page. In a specific order no less.

So I now must reexamine my dreams. I know what it is that I have desired to do all these many years. Only now do I realize what it is that I can really do and have done over this same passage of time. It can be a sobering realization. Imagine studying to be a doctor for twenty years only to discover that you have a baker's hands. Even though you can appreciate the art and nobility of your God-given destiny, it doesn't mean that you will suddenly like bear claws...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

To Tired To Blog!

I've been so busy trying to stay on schedule that I haven't had time to post lame excuses on the Blog! I've actually been told by some of you that you read my postings but not my comic... I say to you "scram!"

Actually, I may lock the blog and make the pasword the sixth word in panel three of every strip just to force you comic lurkers to read Vexxarr.

Why so bitter?

Let me give you a hint: I blog because I need to tell you guys why the comic that has kept me awake for thirty-six hours is late. If you only read my Blog, I COULD HAVE GONE TO SLEEP THIRTY-SIX HOURS AGO!

It's a paradox, true, but such is my lot.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Vexx Late but Coming!

Work has conspired once again to curtail my real work on Vexxarr. I've drawn a strip for you but hadn't the time to finish it before my posted bedtime hour. I have an early and unexpected shoot tomorrow (Wednesday) and some duration of unconsciousness is required before attending. SO I sleep this once in stead of fulfilling your fondest dreams of a Vexxy Wednesday.

I'll be hard at work once my morning's toil has been properly disposed of...