Friday, September 30, 2005



Forget the anemic Return OF The Sith. THIS is the Summer movie you have been waiting all year to see. Acting, story, pacing, dialogue...I can sum it all up in one word. Wow. Just, wow.

We laughed, we cried, we held our breath and we stood and cheered on our feet at times. Serenity is the movie that reminds you why you pay $8.00 US and up to sit in crowded houses with crying children.

Best of all, Joss Wedon brought us the magic of Firefly, magnified several times for the big screen. We weren't forced to endure spurious "big name" walk-ons or additional characters brought in by the studios to "add box office cred"... We got Firefly, big and with both barrels...

So go see this film. Now! This very moment! Leave work. Better yet, call in sick. RSVP that funeral. Tell your fiance that you'll have to reschedule. It's JUST THAT GOOD.

So Let's tell the Fox Network to gun HOE-tze bee DIO-se... We all know Fox is the moron of all programming morons. But if they can't take advantage of an obvious revenue stream like Firefly, then the shareholders need to send the suits packing. Fire those myopic bedwetters and hire some grown-ups willing to actually run a company. Someone willing to sit at the grown-up's table, as it were.

So let's recap... Serenity is the movie you've wanted to see for years. Fox Network is criminally stupid. Jane may be my favorite Joss Wedon character EVER.


...Dumbledore dies...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Is in the details. I made a number of corrections to a number of careless errors on today's strip. Who else gives you such service? Kurtz? McDonald's? The Pentagon?

I'm not a cartoonist by trade (can you tell) but I am a comedy writer. So enjoy my offerings within that singular context. I thank those that happened on my flyer and joined me this week. I promise that there are many wonderful things in the works. Not all of them dealing with last night's pizza. Stay tuned.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Welcome new readers!

This is Vexxarr, a thrice weekly, comedy strip spinning a yarn of galactic conquest of inept proportions. I update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and if you stick around, you'll see that the story is actually going somewhere. As such, on rare occasion, you will have to read back a few strips to collect the context of a given punchline, such as they are. In general, we are following Vexxarr and his mislaid plans to conquer the Earth for the honor and glory of Bleen and the Mighty Bleen Empire. Suffice to say, Bleen may have sent the wrong, er, man for the job. Or maybe...not.

At any rate, thank you for stopping by. Read on and please drop me a line or visit the forum to speak your mind!

Saturday, September 17, 2005


The Nintendo rant has been moved to - where else? - RANTS!

The comments bandied back and forth, remain below for your amusement.

Friday, September 16, 2005

By way of an apology...

Color! Doesn't make up for being late, does it? Still...Color!

Computer Issues...

Vexxarr 105 is on the way! Sorry, an unrelated meltdown on my Mac G5 (so, so reliable) lead to a crisis involving my home network. As soon as I get my machines talking to each other again, NEW VEXXARR!

Sorry for the delay. Bear with me.


The Management

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I had a wonderful time at Dragon Con and got to actually hang out and drink with persons of television notoriety. This all but makes up for the fact that we were 1) Booted 2) Robbed and 3) Falsely Threatened with Imprisonment.

Let me be more specific:

It is my opinion based on information gathered by A) Atlanta Law Enforcement B) the surrounding Hotels C) the person subcontracted to place and remove wheel boots and D) the man on the street that Central Parking - specifically in the lot on 126 Baker Street, Downtown Atlanta - is booting cars with out-of-state-tags and in effect holding them hostage for money.

The facts are as follows:

We arrived and parked at the lot on 126 Baker Street in Atlanta at 4:20pm Friday the 2nd of September.

Two witnesses saw me place our cash in the slot for our spot - #12

A note with the lot number was place around the money with our space number (again, #12)

I used the little 'rammer key' to 'ram' the money into the slot.

I checked to make sure said monies had disappeared behind the metal flange (I always do)

According to the booting subcontractor, the boot was placed at or around 4:30pm THAT DAY.

I will add here that the hotels were suspicious. The police were suspicious. When questioned, the dude who worked at the bar next door said they were crooks.

Currently, I am working with the police, the BBB and the Department of Licensing and Permits to see what's up. There are a million reasons why this could all be an innocent misunderstanding. Yet I feel that something here is amiss.

In either case, I was told that removing a privately owned boot was a felony. I believe that this refers to removing and keeping the boot, which would constitute grand theft and indeed a felony. My legal advice team (neighbors) assured me that simply removing the boot would only carry whatever penalties were associated with parking and not paying for my time on the lot. Civilians cannot charge you with a felony.

Bottom line. I'll keep everyone updated. And don't use Central Parking in Atlanta - especially on 126 Baker Street.


For those of you clever enough to decrypt my previous posts, you know I was at Dragon Con. There, I was given a special gift by a good friend. I don't want to give away details but I will say that picture are forthcoming.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

101 On The Way...

I had a slight computer hiccup. The strip is done. I'll post before noon. Thanks for understanding! Except you. Yes, you! I see you! What was that? I saw that! COME BACK HERE!

Monday, September 05, 2005

100 !

One-hundred strips! Who knew such a thing was possible? And it feels like only yesterday that I was getting regular sleep. To commemorate this occasion, I have brought color to your favorite strip...and this one too. Don't get used to it. I plan to go right back to good old B&W tomorrow. Consider this my gift to you. I sure do...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Labor Day Lateness!

There will be a Vexx on Labor day... It may just be a little late. Like Midnight late. I'll be at Dragon Con till Monday around 6pm, then I'll drive back to Alabama. Then I'll make your Vexxarr for you. Labor Day will mark my 100th strip. This is a milestone of sorts. I will oficially have done 95 more strips than everyone told me I would do. Look kids, when I finally decide to do something, I'm in for the duration. While I can look forward and see a day when I no longer write and draw Vexxarr, I can tell you that day will only come after a long and rather involved story has been brought to you in its entirity. Vexxarr is going places. There is more to the defeat of the Bleen fleet above Earth than just a minor setback for the Emperor. Oh the stories I will tell. Oh the bad punchlines you will endure.

Glorious...truly glorious...