Sunday, August 28, 2005

To those living in Louisiana

Having exhausted all my hopes and best wishes, you have my prayers.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Almost no update...

I wrote, drew and posted last night's strip at 2:30am Friday morning. See what I go through for you kids? I'm editing a local TV special and it has taken three days and nights of my life and...thrown them away! All this and I still can't bring myself to miss an update. I'm home now, the deadline came and went. We counter-to-countered the final product and now I will sleep for two days.

Only waking to update the mighty Vex.

Such is my life...

Sunday, August 21, 2005

A new week

And I've already downloaded my Stargates and Galactica. Long live the Torrent! There is a new RANT in the rants section...It was WAY to long to place here so I just went ahead and posted it where it would eventually be warehoused anyway. It's likely to spark some debate. But I have far too little time to debate the issue so just take my position for what it is worth and talk amongst yourselves...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Who is this hu-mon and what does he hope to gain?

I mean the utter gall! He uses MY name and then spells it all wrong and stuff. He even has a resume!

I will now cry - alone in the dark.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Refresh Your Browser!

As is often the case, I post the comic in a state of frantic desperation in the wee hours of the morning only to awaken the next day and do a few final 'tweaks'. Such is my dedication to you. Mr. Kurtz, on the other hand figures that if the strip is posted before Midnight the following day, it isn't really late, is it? I kid Mr. Kurtz because he has a keen sense of humor and his readership is larger than the population of Canada...

Anyway, Mr. Kurtz was one of the main proponents of webcomics as a dynamic medium. In other words, it's very nature allows publications to be updated live as you read. Some have lamented that this leads to billions of broken links and a sense that the web is an unreliable source for facts - a criticism with which I agree to a point. But it also establishes the internet as a very contemporary medium, in the literal sense of the word. It is a medium that we, as a collective species, actually own.

So refresh your browser to see the alterations which, in my delirium last night, I could not complete. Also skip back a day to see some of my other revisionist activities. I am insidious.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mighty Mouse?

Apple unveiled a 3-Button Mouse just in time for it's 3-Button version of Final Cut 5 (psst... Final Cut has ALWAYS been 3-button compliant by the way). Anyway, this new "Mighty Mouse" clocks in at $50.00 US and has a nipple standing in for the wheel found on most human mice. As a G-5 user and editor by profession, I can recommend with confidence that everyone just save $30.00 and buy any of the 3-button wheeled mice available at your local electronics store.

I understand that it was inevitable and perhaps necessary for Apple to release a 3 button mouse but why did they feel the need to 'innovate' ? The reason that all other 3-button mice look and function in a similar way is that human ergonomics demand a pretty well defined set of features. We can debate joysticks, trackballs and pointers all day long but a mouse is going to look and feel a certain way as long as you are serious about using the damn thing for sixteen hours at a stretch.

But then there is Apple. Apple HAS to be different. For Steve Jobs to push a product, it HAS to be different. It doesn't have to actually function...but it has to be different. This is the man who wanted to completely replace the logical file structure of OS X with a dedicated search feature. Why open the folder where you KNOW your files are stored when you can just type in several keywords to search your files EVERY TIME YOU NEED THEM.

I find it odd that the man who arguably invented the Mac seems to have never actually used one. Well used one for actual WORK at any rate.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Quiet...almost TOO quiet.

The Vexxarr machine rolls on like an old Chevy that you inherited because your Grandparents are too old to drive. Sure your friends make fun of it but I don't see THEM offering rides to the mall on weekends...

But I digress.

It's Monday and apart from my usual big toe pickery, this means taking stock of my week to come. Looking at my calendar, I couldn't help but notice that I have no life. Except Tuesday. I always wash socks on Tuesday. Anyway, I thought I'd point out the forums. Nothing interesting in the forums today. Partially, I suppose because your kids are too darn lazy to ever visit them! But it'd be nice to hear from you once in awhile. And turn up the heat. It's cold.

What time is it?