Monday, September 01, 2008

Dragon Con...Who Knew?

I don't announce my Con attendance because it is always at the last stinking minute. This year I was not going to Dragon Con - Absolutely Not - but then The wonderful people at the Film Track (Matthew Foster) and the Webcomic Track (Scott M. Jones) agreed to let me pontificate about things which only I and a few thousand other nerds would care about so I was in - IN!

Four days, Little sleep and the complete loss of my voice conspired with hurricanes, late paychecks and client revisions to make it a hectic, exciting and slightly disturbing trip. No, I did not meet Pete Abrams. Yes I got to shake hands with Jerry Doyle. The bastards at the Hyatt and Marriott won't give up wireless internet for less than $29 a day so I was forced to drag myself home and promise you two strips Wednesday. There was free wireless at the food court but either the crushing weight of nearly 40 thousand attendees rebooted the router or the owners pulled the Ethernet cable defensively less our digital thirst exceed their bandwidth limits.

Which reminds me - if you have Comcast. Drop them. They are adopting bandwidth limitations that in effect put an end to streaming media usage. You can read about it here but the only option is to drop them cold and tell them why. Seriously, pay an extra $20 a month and use anyone else. These guys need to understand that the consumer decides what is and what is not broadband. Comcast is just the mule.