Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Late Update for Friday

So look for Friday's Vex on Saturday or two on Monday.

Friday, I'll be in Atlanta doing time - HARD time. Time shooting a Toyota dealership.

No, no...

With video.

A pity you say? I agree.

But - for what it's worth - it means money. Money means food and food means I will produce a new Vexxarr for every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until the day you die.

I for one plan to avoid death when offered the option. I've looked into this "aging" thing you kids seem so crazy about these days. Turns out, there isn't really much to recommend it. So I've given it a pass.

I have "top people" working on a full-body android prosthesis.

An abomination you say?

Well, I shall feel the sting of your moral outrage...for thousands of years...from the deck of my own personal starship...whilst getting wicked sick at Halo 3.

Immortality loses it's Twilight Zonish sting in the face of modern gaming technology.