Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New comic! Soon!

Just need to find three stinking seconds to get it uploaded! Everyone wants a piece of me!


It's ok...I just need another ten hours tacked onto my day.

Know anyone with a Tardis?

Friday, May 26, 2006

Two New Comics!


The effort nearly killed me!

On the job...

But two new comics this afternoon!

And somewhat of a cliffhanger...


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

No New Comic!

But it is on the way! (promise)

Some of you have noticed that I am pruning the site a bit. Well, back when this comic was slow to was being hosted by a his basement...literally. Yes it was slow but it was free and I had unlimited bandwidth. Now I'm paying my way... One positive side effect is that Vexxarr loads very quickly now. The negative side effect is that you guys are shooting through my bandwidth like gangbusters.

So who's at fault?


Yes, me. Because I didn't previously have bandwidth restrictions my original design was rather 'top heavy'. So what can I do? Well I can start by shrinking the file size of every element of this site. I sure as heck don't want you guys page loading Vexxarr any less often. The goal would be to rebuild a site which can be loaded three times as often at half the bandwidth. Scott Kurtz predicted this very trap - your online success could be your downfall.

So I've pruned for the moment all my 'excess reload areas' and I'll bring them all back online one at a time as I get a sense of where my bandwidth is leaking. In the mean time, expect three comics a week. At least one additional snarky comment from me and a totally new design this Summer (or winter for you dudes down under). If you miss being able to get my goat...why not EMAIL me. That link isn't up there for my health, you know!

So bare with me and I'll keep the comic moving along...on a shoestring...

Friday, May 19, 2006

New Comic - New Cause!

Not that I want to let up the pressure on Pepsi or anything but I have a good cause for you.

Like the internet? Want to see it around in five least as we know it and love it today..?

Then read this. Read this as well but don't believe a word of it. It seems that big business wants to charge duties in addition to existing online fees to on line vendors like (just by way of example) Amazon or Walmart or Apple iTunes. What's the big deal? Anyone who doesn't pay these ad hock fees may not show up in your google searches. In fact, you may not be able to get to them at all. Eventually, new legislation could allow service providers the ability to control who you visit online and which vendors can sell to you. Sound like a nightmare scenario? It is. Read on...

At the very least call Bell South (404-249-2000) and tell them what Bastards you think that they are. Well, tell them that they are, in fact, Bastards AND that you are aware of this fact.

I did.

I got a call from a legal representative who wanted to state their case in Net Neutrality.


I told him that I'd love to talk but 8:15am was way to damn early to discuss the subject with any clarity. I'll talk to him next week. He said he'd call back. I'll keep you posted.

Oh, and write your congressman or representative or whatever.

Monday, May 08, 2006

New comic!

...and this may or may not exist, as it were, in the realm of canon.

But enjoy it none the less.

Have you bought your last case of Diet Code Red?

Have you written and asked for more?


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Old Star Wars out on New DVD!

The original Star Wars Trilogy - unaltered - will be out on DVD!

And Scott Kurtz is just sick of it. Who can blame him? He feels like Lucasfilm slowly leaks these products out to the market in an effort to grab all the cash that they can. He is right. Everyone does. How many versions of The Lord Of The Rings do you own? I have three versions of the Fellowship Of The Ring alone.

But this time I think it's different. This time I think Lucas miscalculated. This time I think George may have actually gone back on a promise he made to himself. We clamored for this release and he fought us every step of the way. Whether his motivations were ultimately greed or concession, it doesn't matter. This time I think that George Lucas changed his mind...

The email I sent Scott Kurtz at PVP in my rants section. You may read it if you wish. Or you can hold out for the original when it comes out on DVD too...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Welcome to RocketHost.Net

My previous host ran into some family issues and it became necessary to move to a new host. The only visible change should be the new if somewhat lackluster splash page. If you have gotten to my main page this means that the splash page was not much of an obstacle.

What's going on is that I have to use an "index.html" as my index file so my usual "index.php" is linked directly from the index.html. If I can get the code for a simple redirect, the splash page will shortly go away.

Anyone know of a good auto redirect that works in html?

And as noted above...this is MONDAY'S comic. WEDNESDAY'S will be posted after I get a little sleep. ...And possibly cake.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Computer Issues

Due to computer issues last night, I will have to post Vexxarr tonight...

I'm sorry. It is funny and continues along the cake theme...sort of.

Anyway, I'm off to another freelance experience and will post the completed comic upon my return this evening.

In the mean time, I have the process used to create helium for your edification and reading pleasure...

Yes, an act of utter desperation.