Friday, August 21, 2009

TV Commercials And Comics

Among the many things I must do this weekend is a complete site redesign. I've been promising people updated links to their site (sorry Stephanie) and my twitter feed ought to be where people can see it.

Just a thought.

I am a strip behind now but I have scripts for two strips in the cue (yes I actually write this crap). And the script is the hardest part.

If I am late but not whining about how much work I have to do, likely it is because I haven't gotten 'the giggle'. See, when I write your comic, I have one rule. If it doesn't make me at least giggle, I don't write it down. So know that however putrid my comic offering, the script elicited at least a snerk from me. Take this as evidence of my commitment or the extent of my madness, either one.

So know that it was fully 3:00am before something funny crept into my fore brain (no parasite jokes). I quickly wrote down two ideas and finally went to sleep around 4:00am. Today I have spent too many hours trans coding HD media and cutting a 'simple' spot for the Birmingham News. I am no where near finished with either task.

The only good news I can put forth is that when I finally get this strip up and on the site, I don't have to bash my forehead against a wall to also produce Monday's strip. It's already on 'paper' as it were.

That and most of my 'sanity'.