Friday, December 30, 2005

New Vex!

And it's a little large...And my Host is a little slow...So bear with.

And don't forget - there will be a special Vexx tomorrow for New Years!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Macon Georgia Shoot Delays Comic!

Due to a shoot in Macon Georgia, Vexxarr will update on Friday. I'll be back and ready to scan this year's penultimate Vexxarr! That's in next-to-last! Stay tuned for a very special Vexxarr Saturday, December 31, 2005 AD.

It will be extra long...and in color...and scratch and sniff...and stuff.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

And it is...if a bid damp and rainy here on the East Coast. Narrowly averting a molten chocolate disaster, I was able to present my family with plump, chocolatey stockings. One wonders who thought of hanging combustible garments over a FIRE and who would further suggest the storage of volatile confectionery therein. Anyway, all is well if a bit SOFT.

I'm hoping that all (both of) my readers enjoy my special Holiday Greeting Card. It is not to alienate my dearest and closest friends who celebrate Hanuka or Agnostica or even Diet Mountain Dew Code Red... It is just to remind readers that this is a Holiday and that Vexxarr is himself green and red.

So a Merry Feasting to all and to all a good Holiday. Take cheer. Take Heart. Take an aspirin before the festivities. I am told that it helps.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Three Minutes To Spare

Some poor resident of Deertick Wyoming was issued a reprieve at exactly 11:57pm Friday, December 23rd. Vexxarr is up and Monday's is preloaded in advance. You'll have your Xmas Vexxarr up and exactly on time. I'll be working Thursday, December 29th so Fridays will either be up Thursday night or Late Friday night. It will be up.

The storyline will be wrapping up by new years so expect some actual plot. Perhaps a thread or two.

I was heartened when NPR finally covered the Sony DRM XCP2 debacle. I was sickened, however when I realized that NPR entirely missed the point, the threat and the whole concept of the problem. Their take was that the XCP2 software interfered with the way Windows users were able to use or listen to the music on the infected CD's. They missed entirely that the XCP2 software opened a security hole that invited concealed trojans and that the removal tool opened a permanent and possibly irreversible security hole.

Way to go NPR. Consider completing that GED and pursuing a career in auto detailing.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

This Weekend's Schedule

Friday's Vexxarr is ready! But...I packed my computer.


Friday's will be up late Friday. It's funny...I promise. Monday's will be up Monday. On time. Really. It's one of my favorite strips for many months now.


I'll be preparing this year's storyline for The Vexxarr Book. Which will be available in early 2006. The working title for which is "Vexxarr Kills Some Trees". It is highly unlikely that the first Vexxarr book will actually be published under this title but...hell, you never know.

And to the family and friends of whichever poor bastard is currently on the hook in Deertick Wyoming. I'll do my best to update Tomorrow before midnight. If I fail, I'll be sure to send a fruitcake. Maybe two.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I'm Not Borrowing From Scott Kurtz...

I'm stealing from him. PVP and all his efforts represent, in my opinion, the very best of what web comics are and can be. I'm an avid fan of Scott and I've always stood by his polish, his writing (which is what really makes a cartoonist stand out) and his style. Scott Kurtz is a class act. And I'm not just saying that because I stole his punchline. But I did steal his punchline...


Good artists borrow. Great ones steal.

Well, I'll get there...some day...

By the way, the TITLE of today's strip is "SERENITY"

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Greater Threat

Let's be clear here.

I own and shop Sony products all the time. I watch Sony movies (which I purchase on DVD despite some very dishonest tactics to encourage just this kind of behavior) and I use Sony products professionally...that is I did until recently. Yes, my Tivo-esque machine in my livingroom - little more than a PC with tuner capability - has been root hacked! The culprit? The CD Switchfoot published by Sony Music. What this means is that I cannot install other audio players (the fact that the DRM will prevent installation of iTunes 6 is well documented) and I have no control over who remotely can access my machine. In short, I have to reformat, scrub and reinstall Windows.

This is unquestionably Sony's fault.

The kicker? I don't OWN Switchfoot. My friend did. He placed it in the CD tray when I was away from the PC. The DRM scheme installed itself (without - by the way - the promised popup and EULA which Sony claims appears with the installation). So I have been hit by the Sony DRM virus and I didn't even buy a Sony Music CD. Worse still, because I don't own the CD, I can't even join the various class actions being levied for just this behavior.

Look, it's time we show the media industries that we too have a say in what is legal and illegal. We too can say how media is used and shared. The United States legal system at least is still a two way street. They can take actions, we can take actions. Legal ones.

What I suggest is simple and it will take very little time. First, read bout what is happening with this recent debacle. Second, find out how it has affected you. Third, contact both Sony and First 4 Internet and tell them how you feel. Do so in writing or call their corporate offices. Lastly, shop alternatives.

Sony makes a good product. Sony used to make a great product. It is a happy coincidence that right now, Sony has been thoroughly trumped in the HD television, DV video, HDV video and professional video markets. If you shop and feel that Sony is the only true solution for your needs, then I have no argument. You at least weighed your options. I insist, however that if you look, you will find that other manufacturers have done their homework and offer superior products to Sony in every product line.

Just make sure that you talk about how you feel. Make sure Sony hears you. If this isn't addressed now, the message will be that we accept this kind of behavior and that message will be to loud to shout down.

The Sony Corporation of America offices are located at 550 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022.

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Great Deertick Massacre Continues...

Once again, I have lost connectivity to my server. Vexxarr will be up a bit late but up nonetheless. Vexxarr was down this weekend. For that I apologize. My host who treats me like his only customer was prompt and communicative about the problem and had things aright in no time. The delay in his reaction was entirely my fault and not representative of the care and attention I get from him.

Thanks, Ian.

And while I do my best to manage the Deertick Wyoming population explosion, I do my last minute shopping and gifting online.

The holidays are upon us!


Friday, December 09, 2005

Back on schedule

Everything seems to be ticking away. I'll have something new for you Monday barring catastrophe. Of course this depends on your definition OF catastrophe. Vexxarr could arguably be considered a catastrophe.

Friday, December 02, 2005

FTP failure! Comic to follow!

It's 2am. Friday's Vexxarr is ready...I just can't upload now. I'll go to bed and just assume the problem will clear up by morning.

Thanks for waiting and as always, my apologies to the folk in Deertick.

...Like lambs to the slaughter, I swear.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wed's Vexxarr is up.

Friday's later tonight.

And a correction. My case mod Dell XPS D333 is actually named Event Horizon (hard drives named: Black Hole, Point Mass and Singularity). I changed the name after I reinstalled the OS and changed mo boards...

I'm such a geek.