Thursday, December 22, 2005

This Weekend's Schedule

Friday's Vexxarr is ready! But...I packed my computer.


Friday's will be up late Friday. It's funny...I promise. Monday's will be up Monday. On time. Really. It's one of my favorite strips for many months now.


I'll be preparing this year's storyline for The Vexxarr Book. Which will be available in early 2006. The working title for which is "Vexxarr Kills Some Trees". It is highly unlikely that the first Vexxarr book will actually be published under this title but...hell, you never know.

And to the family and friends of whichever poor bastard is currently on the hook in Deertick Wyoming. I'll do my best to update Tomorrow before midnight. If I fail, I'll be sure to send a fruitcake. Maybe two.