Thursday, September 01, 2005

Labor Day Lateness!

There will be a Vexx on Labor day... It may just be a little late. Like Midnight late. I'll be at Dragon Con till Monday around 6pm, then I'll drive back to Alabama. Then I'll make your Vexxarr for you. Labor Day will mark my 100th strip. This is a milestone of sorts. I will oficially have done 95 more strips than everyone told me I would do. Look kids, when I finally decide to do something, I'm in for the duration. While I can look forward and see a day when I no longer write and draw Vexxarr, I can tell you that day will only come after a long and rather involved story has been brought to you in its entirity. Vexxarr is going places. There is more to the defeat of the Bleen fleet above Earth than just a minor setback for the Emperor. Oh the stories I will tell. Oh the bad punchlines you will endure.

Glorious...truly glorious...