Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It is like I'm being PHYSICALLY BARRED from doing the comic

Well, day five. No sleep. Still belching forth endless revisions. No end in sight. Did I forget something?

Yes, my scanner just gave up the ghost. What did I expect after 14 years?

Anyway, when I go out to FedEx these DVDs to some soulless cretin in California, I'll pop into Walmart (I guess) and buy the least expensive single sheet scanner money can buy. After this storm of abuse subsides then I'll go buy a proper one. One that has a platen wider than 81/2 by 11. Attention scanner-making-type-folks some of us use scanners for things other than IRS audits, ok?

In terms of writing and inking, I'm on schedule... I just need the human race to piss off for four hours so I can get up to date...

Not you of course. You have a lovely speaking voice...