Sunday, February 20, 2005

42 Hours and counting.

I come to you a man tired and largely delirious. As the title suggests, I've been awake for 42 (forty-two) hours and am just now starting the uncertain countdown to sleep. I have been a participant in the February Edition of the Sidewalk Scramble. For those of you fortunate enough to make an honest living, a scramble is a film festival where participants sign up to make films completely within a 48 hour period. As a charter member of Birmingham's own Team Happy Nowhere, I can say that I have been constantly, vitally and energetically awake for nearly two straight days. I have a five (yes five) minute short for my efforts and a sense of delirious euphoria.

It is for this reason that I announce the delay of Monday's Vexxarr. Probably till mid afternoon. Say teatime. So don't come elbowing into our abode Monday morning demanding thick slices of marbled alien-comic goodness. Eat your Muslix and then make a lunch date with the Bleen Armada, Earth Detachment. I will see you there.

Thanks for understanding and for your patience.

Hunter out.