Friday, April 14, 2006

Red Alert!

Diet Code Red has been discontinued by the Buffalo Rock Bottling company!

You know what this means...

My life is now only as good as the number of cans of this life-giving elixir left in the state of Alabama.


IF you want more Vexxarr.


IF you want ME to draw THEM.


...must beg, cajole, force, convince, trick or otherwise influence Buffalo Rock to continue producing my brain fuel.

Some of you may consider this to be an unfair ultimatum for my readers and fans I see it...if you can't abuse your position of influence...why get up in the morning?

Here's how to help:

Buffalo Rock Sales of Birmingham, Alabama: (205) 940 9799

A list of their management and Robber Baron executives

And how to reach them:

Physical Address

111 Oxmoor Road
Birmingham, Alabama 35209
Need Directions? Click here!

Mailing Address

Buffalo Rock Company
P.O. Box 10048
Birmingham, Alabama 35202

Or as a last resort...

What are you staring at this text box for?