Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm 40

That's right, I am eight years older than I ever imagined I would be. At 40 I can now start codgering with relative impunity. So now when I rant about some petty indiscretion - imagined or real - I can now add "back in my day" or "when I was young" or the ever popular "kids these days". Think I'm being silly? In fifteen years, I get my AARP card.

Put THAT in your LAN party and invite it to team chat.

Let me assure you, I'm not exaggerating my age in an effort to reduce the duration of my ongoing pledge to you. In fact - as of the typing of this missive - there are (so far) no outwardly visible signs of my advancing decrepitude. More than once my youthful appearance has been described as "creepy" by those younger than 25 - an admonition that I believe underscored the veracity of their appraisal. Maybe by nightfall my visage with wither and droop like the unlucky Dorian after his encounter with an enraged art critic. Or I might play some Halo. Both have equal likelihood of coming to pass.

Well...Halo has a slight lead should Diet Code Red be introduced in any significant volume.


1) I'm 40.

2) I owe three strips come tomorrow.

3) I have three scripts written so...give me half a day here and I'll see what I can do.