Sunday, March 06, 2005

New Strip Monday

But that has become olde hatt by now. Moved my last outburst of erudition to the rants section. Lordy, I should just put my rant section of the front page and let you guys meander over to the news if you have any further questions.

I'm watching Robot Chicken on Adult Swim these days. It is truly god-like. Why the networks don't air something like this is beyond me. Do hu-mons really prefer episodes of the Apprentice to stop motion dance competitions between Voltron and a Robeast with junk in the trunk? Really? ...sick world.

Still downloading Enterprise and Stargate(s) from the UK. Boy you guys have a treat in store for you... Stargate SG1 still moves forward with a bold determination seldom seen in shows its age (eight years). Atlantis does not feel at all like a hackneyed spin-off. It flaunts its writing prowess like a steroid crazed peacock in heat and never fails to make me laugh, cringe or want to cry. Sometimes all three at once. As for Enterprise, if you can't call it cannon, call it fun. Sad that it took near (and ultimately realized) cancellation to bring it to this bright sate of affairs.

Will we get Star Trek Excelsior now?