Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Stargate Atlantis

I just watched the sweeps cliffhanger of SG Atlantis. Yes, from Sky One via bittorrent...

Anyway, you kids have a treat in store for you. It's one heck of a show and the writing, as always, is about the best on television - any genre.

I won't give anything away but one visual stands out from the many wonderful eyefeasts I enjoyed that episode. I will sum it up in one word: Baghdad !

Atlantis has proven itself to be as successful as Angel in the realm of genre spinoffs. I believe it has staying power beyond it's parent - Stargate SG1 - should SG1 ever decide to retire (God forbid).

Keep in mind my praise does not come easily. I'm a pretty tough sell with my science fiction. I don't stomache poorly thought out premises (Space Rangers) or hackneyed writing (Seaquest DSV). I like well supported, well thought out storytelling. But for a good science fiction yarn...well, I am always hungry.

I get my fill twice a week with the dual Gatesters.

Bahl be praised.