Thursday, November 17, 2005

The 16th is posted! The 18th will be on schedule...

Ok, Got this one up and it actually makes me giggle. Maybe that's because I can hear the delivery in my head. I always imagine a sort of New York minimalist delivery on my one line gags.



In other newts, I have gotten the distinct feeling that you guys really, really want shirts. Now you know how I feel about So I'm being serious about giving a shout out to a more reputable shirt printer. I've contacted people here and am currently working the problem. Nudity, as they say, is not an option.

...on second thought... But I digress.

I'm going to put a topic in the forum for you guys to sound off. I want sizes, cuts and if possible what you'd like to see as a price. Mark that, what your tolerate as a price as I won't be able to get shirts in such a small order as cheap as I'd like.