Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Travel Day!

Today I hit the road to visit my parents in North Carolina. The best part is driving for hours with no apparent destination. Wait... Ok, there is no best part. There are only lots of smaller not quite so bad parts.


The point is: read Vexxarr and enjoy. Friday may be late but it will be posted. Do you hear me? IT WILL BE POSTED.

I will have some form of comic up for every day this strip is officially running or someone from Deertick Wyoming will die. Such is the gravity of my dedication.

Also, I need more feedback. I write and draw a screwed up strip like today and no one tells me "Dude, you are help." These are things I need to hear. If you like a strip, please let me know. I need to understand the rarity of my success so that I may treasure the moments when I bring a tiny spark of joy into somebody's life. Also, I get lonely here in my basement.

Now, I'm off to the gym for a pre-emptive but ultimately futile battle with assorted 45 pound plates in an effort to stave off THANKSGIVING: THE BLOATING. See, it's a little known fact that a brutal and relentless chest day before any major holiday negates any and all calories eaten for the next 48-hour period. Don't look at me like this - it's true.

And for those of you unfamiliar with obscure American traditional holidays, Chest Day is the day when American males celebrate the bench press as the answer to all their other physical shortcomings. It is traditionally on a Monday or any day immediately before an all-you-can-eat buffet. True adherents to the religion also include Leg Day as the termination of festivities known collectively as "The week of futile exercise in an effort to impress girlfriends past". This is followed by a wake and an entire day of walking like you have weasels in your shoes.