Saturday, November 26, 2005


And a late Vexxarr for the 25th... To the family of that poor guy in Deertick Wyoming - I'm sorry. It wasn't my fault. As you see, I have a comic up now ostensibly for the 25th. If you guys in the Midwest want to jump the gun every time I have to push the strip a day, don't come crying to me.

Now next week, I have a job in Utah. I don't know why. This means that I will do two strips for Monday. Either I will post them both or find someone to upload Wednesdays strip on time. Either way, I'll be back in town Thursday so Vexxarr will continue it's three strip a week reign of terror.

The Turkey was good, by the way. The gym was brutal and unforgiving. It may be the only place on earth grown men are allowed to cry openly.

I did.