Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Print Shoppe Works!

* EDIT *

Remember that each print comes with a paragraph from me explaining exactly "...just what the hell I was thinking..." at the time I drew the strip. That alone should be worth the roughly ten US bucks.

* EDIT *

I have early confirmation that everything works as promised through Paypal. While it is not necessary to have a Paypal account, it does make things easier.

My only word of warning, it is NOT necessary to become a "verified" Paypal member nor should you. This involves giving them permission to make bank drafts directly from your checking account. Don't do it. The only complaints I find about Paypal center around incorrect bank drafts and Paypal's sluggishness to investigate and correct these matters. All Paypal needs is a credit card and should an unverified charge be levied to your card, you can challenge the charge and most likely, considering Paypal's past, your card will side with YOU.

Anyway, the payment button is safe. I get none of your credit information. I do get your request, your order number and your address. So if you buy a print, it will arrive at your door via post. Original artwork works the same way but I need an email with your order number so that I draw Vexxarr in exactly the sort of nighty you had in mind.

So buy my prints.